Lady Lured With Fake Job Ends Up Being Impregnated By Abductors

A 24-year-old lady simply identified as Mercy, who is based in Warri, Delta State, has escaped from a den of ritual k*llers after being lured with a fake lucrative job offer in Italy.

  According to the information reaching us, the lady and her friend were lured to Lagos by a woman who promised to help them get something doing in Italy.

   According to SaharaReporters, immediately Mercy and her friend, met the women to help them get to Europe, things turned out to be something else.

  They were taken to a forest, subjected to hunger as they were given slices of bread once in a while and forced to drink dirt water. They were raped daily by the Abductors.

“Many of the young ladies lured by this syndicate d*ed of hunger and diseases from the dirty water they drank while in the forest. Their body p*rts were sold to rit*alists who constantly demanded such. A lady who got pregnant and delivered there d*ed but the baby survived. The gang used the innocent child for rit*als along with the mother's body,” Mercy’s guardian, Maureen Eriyo, narrated. 

  Mercy and her late friend spent roughly nine months in the den of those ritualists. But had a way to escape. She and her friend walked for three months before getting to an Express way. She was lucky to see a truck who conveyed them. Sadly, her friend gave up the ghost upon their escape.
  According to the statement made by her guardian, Eriyo, the kidnapped women were subjected to rape. Those who got pregnant and delivered, their babies were used for ritual and so goes to their mothers if anyone of them died during child birth. Mercy got pregnant but managed to escape and gave birth in a hospital through caesarean section(CS).
“Mercy returned to Warri last Thursday and gave birth by Caesarean section on Sunday. She was impregnated by her captors, who took turns to r*pe her and other ladies in the bush. Others like her who got pregnant in that forest and delivered there had their babies collected from them for rit*al purposes,” her guardian added.
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