Man Been Compensated With His Supposed Wife After She Left Him To Paris For Modelling.

  A man gets married to the younger sister of the girl he wanted to marry after erecting an edifice for the family. A young man have been taking care of his would be wife's family. When he was ready for marriage, he made it known to the girl but she insisted on becoming a model and left with a certain guy to Paris. 

  The young man was angry and disappointed, with the outcome of the whole thing wanted to raisedown the building he erected for the girl's family.

  On getting the info, the family pleaded with him and promised to give in their younger daughter to compensate him for the damages.
Here's the tweet below....
"A guy in Eleme built a house for his girl’s family. Carried the whole family on his shoulder. Time for marriage, she said she wants to become a model. Left him and followed one white guy to Paris. Baba said he will demolish the house. Family pleaded and gave him her younger sis”.

  The story has stirred mixed feeling and reactions online. People with negative reactions and those with a positive one.
These are some of their replies,
“The replies are hilarious

So you’ll invest millions in a family and not get ROI?

Talmbout ‘what if he doesn’t love the sister’

Wetin concern love here?

They are happily married sha so the hot takes doesn't matter.

Family House Sister Marry

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