Lady gifts her boyfriend five gifts according to the sense organs

 A Twitter user with username @chocolategentww, wows the internet with gifts from his girlfriend on his birthday. His girlfriend gifted him five things according to the five sense organs.

  He took to a micro logging site and shared what he got from her.

He wrote, 

"So, I just got my birthday package from bae, the theme of the gift was The 5 Senses. Each gift was based on each of the senses


1. Taste

So, my favourite chocolate is Kit-Kat. She got me a box full of 2-finger Kit-Kat’s with a note attached to each one

2. Sight

When we were together last month, we had a little sip and paint (her painting is my lock/homescreen rn.
She painted these two painting for me and they’re amazing she gave me permission to post only the first one.

3. Hearing/Sound

She got me this jar full of hand-written notes telling me how much I mean to her (I’m supposed to read them out loud. That’s where the sound/hearing element comes in)

4. Touch

She got me this cute wallet because I didn’t have one, only had a card holder. I found these two small photos on her table a while back and said I love them. She put them inside the wallet “With every touch, I hope this gift fills up”

Now, my favourite one

5. Smell

I’ve mentioned to her so many times – even posted on the TL – that this is my favourite cologne. And she got it for me!!! SHE ACTUALLY GOT IT FOR ME!!!!!!”

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