Lady Harassed, Beaten And Breast Beaten By Landlord's Wife Because She wore Bum Short

  Nigerian lady beaten and harassed by her landlord's wife over bum short.

  A yet to be identified lady has come out to show what her landlady did to her simply because she wore a bum short. 
The lady further explained that she has nothing to do with the landlord and that, the landlord is not her spec or kind of man.

  According to her, she was attacked from behind and didn't want to fight back because the landlady was an elderly woman and won't want to be blamed for anything. She simply respected her self and calmed down.

  In her words, she said....
 "This thing happened day before yesterday in the evening, to those of you asking me what happened. Actually, I didn't collect her husband. Besides, even if I want to collect somebody's husband, it's not that one. That one is not that worth collecting, but that aside. She, she did not attach me from the front, she attacked me from behind. She hit me, she bite me and then she pushed me on the floor. This lady in question is not a young lady like me. She is way older than my mum. So if u look at me, imagine how old my mum is. My mum was like 20 something before she gave birth to me, so my mum is around 30 something, 40 currently or maybe early forties. This woman am talking about is way older than forties. So I won't be fighting an elderly woman, I mean what if something happens to her?, They will hold me responsible. I was only trying to be like, Her madam chill!. And this woman beat me and bite my face. I also have videos like videos of the place of my chest where she bite but I can't post it here due to one or two things. But currently she went to report to the police. I don't know what she went to report to them about but it's all good."

  Below is the video.

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