Nigerian Lady Gets U.S Scholarship After Four Failed Attempts

  Nigerian lady gets U.S scholarship after been rejected four times.

  This young lady is said to have applied for a scholarship in the U.S since 2017 but haven't been successful. She did not relent but continued to apply. She was rejected upto four times but on the fifth trial, was granted scholarship.

  She took to her social account to announce the joy and excitement. Also encouraging everyone out there to be consistent and pursue his/her dreams despite challenges.

    In her words, ”Sometimes we need more time to be prepared for what God is cooking for us. Half the time I have realised we want things done now and we want it now but until God says yes all we would have to be doing is preparing for it daily.

Mine has been a story of resilience, patience, commitment and perseverance. After applying five times from 2017 till date I got into the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship: a US Department of State sponsored training for young leaders doing great things in Africa.

 I am currently studying along with 24 African leaders from 17 African countries and it has been an amazing experience so far @lehighu learning about Leadership and Business.

I want to keep encouraging you to keep trying, even if you are told no, try again and again and again.

No one ever promised the road was going to be easy so keep pushing until you breakthrough.

I applied five times but this time I did one thing differently and it this increased my application chances.”

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