Growing up as a young artist from the East, in a community called Ugwueke, Bende LGA, Abia State, it has been a step to the next level and I keep pushing. I started writing down music at the age of 12, and I recorded my first track “GOING HIGHER” at the age of 16 and ever since then I have been on the roll.

I have been doing music for as long as I know what is good and bad, to me music is not something new or something I jumped into, music has been a part of my life, I started music from church back then when I was in children’s choir as a praise leader, so right from childhood I have been singing and watch people sing with me, that alone gives me joy, but I get into music after I recorded my first single “GOING HIGHER” that was when I am 16 years old.

Challenges of life are natural phenomenon, and the way you see it affects your thoughts in life. I believe challenges come and go, but I must note down a striking challenge which also motivate me and made me a better person today in my music career. That was when I was denied to perform in a Music show which took place in my community years back, that was the same year I record my first track “GOING HIGHER” I was at the show ground that day hoping to perform, I already talk to the organizers of the event and they promise to let me perform, I was so happy and hoping to be at the stage that night but it happens that they turn me down at the end, I wasn’t called to perform till the show ended. I was still hoping that I will be called to perform, when I found out the show have ended, I felt so bad that I even cried, the show ended late at night, so I have to walk back home feeling so disappointed and unaccepted…but while walking home I promise to walk hard and make sure the organizers of that same event will one day host me on their programme which I did…currently I always headline that same Event every year

I want to encourage every upcoming artist to accept any challenge they encounter; it is part of the process to the next level.

On 19th January, 2020, I dropped a 7 Track Ep Project titled “MY SEASON” on the project I talked about Peace, Love and Unity and some many other things that have to do with life. I signed a Music deal with Megarule Music which is my current recording label.

Early May 2022, I released a hit single title “IKEBEH” which has been trending massively on all digital music and social media platforms.

Life Experiences have been the inspiration behind my music, I happen to be that kind of artist that write songs out of everything that happens around me, you know that feelings you get when you speak out of experience, so many things have happened to me as a human so putting it down as music give me hope and satisfaction.

I will definitely like to keep seeing music come as message which is the old African style of music…I believe there is an inspiration to every song, so every music should have a meaning or massage…I can’t wait to see Nigeria music’s dominate the world at large because I believe we have all it takes.

My sounds fall under Afrobeats because I do Afro kind of music, but I derive inspirations from a different angle which is life experience and motivations, I do music to uplift souls and put smiles on people’s face. Life thought me a lot of things so all I just want to do, is to do music for the soul. I choose to call my kind of music Afromotive is an identity and not a genre

Currently, I have a new hit single titled MAMA that is in all the digital music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay, Audiomack and others. And my next Album project which will be out on all digital platforms before the end of the year. On the Album, I talked about life experience, expectations, motivations and many more…you can join me and anticipate WORLDBEST THE ALBUM

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