Tony Oneweek - GYRATION REBOOT Stream/Download

A sweet journey into Nostalgia.

Exactly twenty five years ago this September, Nigeria and indeed the world was thrown into a frenzy by a new jolly rhythm of afro-traditional beat, driving a chain of songs which played non-stop for twenty two minutes. It was titled "Everybody Gyrate" and was the side one of Tony Oneweek's debut Music cassette titled "U Go Bow". This album, marketed by Amaco Investments was produced by the Late Johnson Davidson. May his soul rest in peace. The Video was shot and edited by Shola Akimbo (Ashkelon).

In all nooks and crannies of Nigeria in September 1998, the Gyration music of Tony Oneweek was literally a religion. At motor parks, schools, wedding and funeral ceremonies, the music featured certainly. By December of the same year, the chain song had become a national anthem with hits like "Onwa December", "Okocha", "Ogboo Nwaede" and "Deny U". This music was the beginning of the Gyration master's Music career which has spanned over two decades. 

As a student of Mass Communication, the multi talented Tony Oneweek joined the Kegites club of the Anambra state Polytechnic (Ilya Erosion) in 1986 where he became a very popular Singer and Drummer. His above average skills on the drums earned him "Felorization" (even as a Comrad) by the Late Chiefo Ashyna William Nwafor, the first Chiefo of Ilya Erosion (now Ilya Ashyna). After his National Youth Service and while a postgraduate student of the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus, Tony Oneweek ventured into Nollywood where he excelled as a Scriptwriter, Production Manager, Actor, Comedian, Artistic Director and Director. Tony always describes himself as "Jack of all trades and master of none", but everyone knows he is Master of Gyration music. Why? Nobody has been able to do it better than him.

All over the world, Tony Oneweek's Gyration music is a major feature at events. There's rarely any occasion by Nigerians in the diaspora where the music of Tony Oneweek will not be played. The chain song with the "Onwa December" track is a welcome reactivation of the yuletide mood. The lyrics are neither vulgar nor hostile, hence the acceptability to all   listeners. In most Nigerian night clubs, the chain song is always thrown in by the deejays when they want to "bring back clubber' spirits". It is clearly obvious that Tony Oneweek's fans will be more than happy to hear his voice and lyrics again. On his social media handles, his fans are yearning for him to do something new for their listening and dancing pleasure. 

Due to popular demand and for starters, the Gyration Master has consciously activated this sweet journey into nostalgia for his numerous fans by returning to the studio to deliver this GYRATION REBOOT as a gift to commemorate his 25 years as a Musician. It is a twenty minute drive down memory lane with some fresh infusions to drive the many messages in the lyrics. GYRATION REBOOT IS A REMAKE OF THE ORIGINAL 1998 PROJECT, WITH FEW INJECTIONS. It's fresh, more dynamic and filled with new energy. Tony Oneweek has some new songs lined up for release after this reboot. The next song will be his collaboration with Kolaboy titled PLAY. Happy Anniversary to the Gyration Master, Tony Oneweek. 

GYRATION REBOOT is a Teewan Muzik production made in Nigeria in 2023 to celebrate Tony Oneweek's twenty five years as a Musician. All songs are written, arranged and performed by Tony Oneweek. Saxophone: Mercy Sax, Guitar: Rabbi, Mixed and Mastered by Enaps Empire, Produced by Kelvin U & Enaps Empire. Executive producer: Tony Oneweek Muonagor. Distibuted and Publsihed by Sound of Heartbeatx.

Copyright: Teewan Muzik 2023.

Membis Godwin,
The Management,
Teewan Muzik.

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