Aba Peaceful Protest, #EndSARS Campaign


  Aba, the China of Abia State, has joined the list of protesting states to end the force brutality. Citizens have become victims of this SARS brutality, and killings. A lot have been injured, killed and properties, money extorted from them. 

  This morning by 9am,the awaited protest kicked off to end SARS brutality. They all assembled at a popular junction, Brass Junction at Aba Owerri Road, with their placards and banners clearly written with some descriptions of The purpose and motive. 

  The protest was joined by some Abia celebrities, upcoming artiste, dance groups and citizens. 

Mayor Boi

formula dance

Eylion Pius

Charles Thompson Sog



 Ruffcoin Nwaaba,

  The protest featured celebrities like Ruffcoin Nwaaba, Exnel, Dynamite, Charles Thompson Sog,  formula dance crew, upcoming arts like Mayor Boi, Rex the shooter, Eylion Pius and a whole lot of them. 

  They stormed the city of Aba with their banners and Placards in a coordinated and peaceful manner. 

  They met at brass, marched down to Aba north, Buzz radio Station, made their way to Ogborhill. They didn't stop there, visited places like azikwe, Eziama police station, Aba south and are still on the move.

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