If You Send Your Kids Abroad Early, You Have Lost Them — Nigerian Man, Dave Partner

If You Send Your Kids To Abroad Early, You Have Lost Them — Nigerian Man, Dave Partner.

  A Nigerian Man by name, Dave Partner have an advice for Nigerian parents who wish and intend to send their children abroad at an early age. 

  In the viral asvisory video, Dave stated that parents who send their children abroad early have lost them. He added that it will be hard to see those children. They might be able to see their children 10times before they die.

  According to Dave, parents who are rich and bouyant enough should not consider sending their children abroad because it has more disadvantage than it's advantage. Sending them abroad at an early age will make them learn a foreign culture which at that tender age should know about the culture of their fatherland. 
  Their children will not be interested in taking over family business and might not be able to come back to see those parents until when they want to get married to their wives, foreign partner.

Watch the video below....
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