policeman Shoot His Lover's Mouth

  A Nigerian policeman shoot his lover's mouth  and has flee. With investigation, it looks like the policeman and his girlfriend got into a heated conversation  which warranted him to display such an act. This happen on Thursday night October 8,2020 At Salvation Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos State. 

  A group of policemen have been launched to look for the said policeman who shot his lover's mouth. It was confirmed by Muyiwa Adejobi, the command's spokesperson. 

  According to him, the policeman fled from the crime and nowhere to be found leaving the victim injured. He also assured that more facts will be gathered on how and why such a crime happened. 

“We guess they had a conflict that triggered the shooting. Policemen have been sent to the hospital to visit the lady and get some facts when she is stable,” he said.

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