The Only Missing In My Life RN Is Genuine Lover - Twitter User Laments

   It is so unfortunate on how some guys fall in love with the wrong girls aka gold diggers, who claim that they are truly in love with their partner only to play along order to empty their pockets.

   A young businessman identified by his Twitter handle as Femi Golden expressed how disappointed he is towards the insincerity of most girls over greed for money.

   According to his post, he wishes to fall in love with one who truly loves him not his money as that is what he lacks.

   In his words, he said....

”The only missing in my life rn is genuine love. I really want to fall in love with an amazing woman, someone who isn’t interested in the money, but loves me for who i am exactly. These girls just want love that’s beneficial for them, fvck y’all!”

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