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  A funny but interesting story storms the internet as a young man who asked his friend to help him find out if his girlfriend is a cheat ends up marrying the said lady.

  As posted by a Twitter user EbubeNna, her elder brother's friend wanted the help of his friend who he confined in as he asked him to help him find out if his girlfriend is actually a cheat.

  But the young man approached his friend's girlfriend and instead of sticking to the agreement, revealed the secret to the lady who later turned against her former boyfried and started something new with her ex boyfriend's friend.

  According to the info, they are married now and the supposed boyfriend in angry as he couldn't believe it.
Trust yourself!!!
Here's her narration,

“It’s just January 2nd yet wahala don full ground

My big brother’s friend asked his friend to go after his girlfriend just to see if she will cheat on him. The guy agreed and approached the girl but instead of doing as he was told, he, told the girl that her boyfriend sent him.

She was offended and offered friendship to the guy. They became friends, hanged out once in a while and ended up falling Inlove. Yesterday was their wedding. The original boyfriend is in my house ranting.”

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