Lady Does 3Hours To Her Wedding

  A Nigerian young lady identified as Fatima Hassan Fari died 3hours to her wedding. It happened in Funtua LGA, Katsina state on Saturday 2nd December,2021.

  It was revealed by his school friend, Muhammad Sabi Isah via his social media handle stating that the deceased died 7am on Saturday while the wedding was scheduled 10am the same day.
According to their Islamic tradion and customs, Fatima was buried same day.

  Revealing the incident, Muhammad wrote..

“Farewell to my school friend Fatima Hassan Fari , who left us today’s morning to go to a better place where there is no pain and she can join her father.

“I truely had her in a million, she was a perfect upright ledy and total humanitarian. No matter what people said or if they did her wrong she would not judge but look for an amicable solution.She faced foe with a brave heart and would not retreat from the cause until all parties were happy. I at times accused her of making excuses for the devil. Her motto was “even if the other person is wrong you do what is right!”

“Innallahi wainnailaihirajiun Fatima is no more May Allah SWT forgives her shortcomings and reward her good deeds with Jannatil Firdaus. My sincere to condolence to her family and Especially Asacosa’s members . May Allah SWT give them the fortitude to bear this great loss.”

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