Man Angrily Narrates How He Risked His Life Saving His Neighbor From Her Husband Only For The Lady To Return Two Weeks Later

  Twitter user Lola Okunrin, in his latest tweet expressed disappointment in the ugly behavior of his neighbor whom he saved from being killed by the husband.

  Lola took his time to pen down how the incident happened.
According to him, it was on the eve of January 1st, 2021, by 9:30pm.
His neighbor sort his help as she has been threatened by the husband to evacuate the house before his arrival. This couple experience conflicts and the lady go through domestic violence in the hands of her so-called husband.

  According to him, he had to sacrifice his life and energy by taking the lady down to her place situated at Ikorodu, Lagos State.

  He arrived back to his resident early hour of January 2nd. During the leave of his neighbors wife, the husband wasnt bothered about the way about of his wife as he was seen with different girls different nights.

  Lola expressed disappointment as he was shocked at the surprise arrival of the lady barely two weeks after she left. Returning in a happy mood.
Here's his narration,
‘‘Some men are beasts while some women also deserve no pity!!!

”January 1st, I visited my parents at Ikorodu and around 9pm, i left their place and got home around 9:30pm. While opening the gates to drive in, i saw my NEW NEIGHBOR’S WIFE outside with a worried look…

”She quickly rushed towards me that is it possible I take her to Ikorodu that night? I was like Nooooo, do you want to kill me. Apparently, I really drove around ikorodu that day from Isawo to Igbo olomu to Agbede to Igbo oluwo visiting families, so I told her i’m tired…

”She said no problem then, that she actually got someone to take her but the person is misbehaving. Since I noticed how unsettled she was, i asked why she can’t reschedule for next morning that it’s late. She said No, she must leave that night with her loads. Loads???…

”Why do you want to leave with your loads? But you and your husband moved in just 3 weeks ago, what happened? She said she’s the only one leaving but she will be coming once in a while. I sensed that to be a lie, so my final statement was “If you can’t tell me what happened…

…I won’t move an inch”

”I sensed there’s a marital issue but she wasn’t forthcoming with the story. I don’t want a situation where I will later be seen as the wicked neighbor who broke a home. I wanted the full story. She said i shouldn’t bother about the story…

”That all she needed is for me to take her to Ikorodu. I said “NO”, then I drove in, parked and closed the gate.
Some minutes after I settled in, she came knocking but this time with a threat. Her words “Boda Ade, please come and carry me to Ikorodu, else if anything happens…

…to me, my blood will be on your neck o” whaaaaat?

”I quickly opened the door and this time, she told me what happened. She had an argument with her husband during the day and it resulted in him beating her up with belt and punches. She showed me a deep cut on her knee which…

is as a result of a punch. So before the guy left home, he told her to pack her things and leave, that he must not meet her at home, else, he will kill her.

I angrily went inside, brought out my car key and told her to load the car up. I didn’t go into their apartment…

”She brought out everything herself. The car was filled to the brim. So we set out around 10:30pm that 1st of January.

While on the way, she told me about how young their marriage is. She told me about how she lost her 10-month old daughter and for months her…

husband stopped having sex with her. She also caught him on several occasions on how he’s hitting on different girls, blue, green, yellow, any kind of girl and the painful part is that he wasn’t hiding his adulterous act, he was doing it in the open for her to see. Face with open mouth

I was angry but I didn’t give reactions. We drove drove drove drove drove drove drove inside inside inside inside inside inside Ikorodu till we got to her brother’s place with her things. Her brother and I unpacked everything while she was cursing, crying and all sorts which…

gave me the confidence that she was going to take up the case. She said nothing in this life can bring them back together. At a point, she danced that she’s free from abuses. It seems the beating has been happening for long.

Actually, I just wanna go home. It’s almost 12am abeg..

”I set out on my journey back home and alas, i got home around past 1. Even though there was curfew, I got home. Adupe.

Some days later, my neighbor started coming home with different girls. Wawu. I didn’t care, we don’t have rapport and he doesn’t even know i was the one…who moved his wife, so I didn’t care. I had inner peace.

Just yesterday night around 10pm, i heard a knock on my door, who’s that? I shouted.

The reply came in “BODA ADE, I AM BACK”

Back as how? Abi aye yin fe baje ni? She came back after all the curses and swears Crying face

She came back with all the loads just as she left after 2 weeks.

I remember telling my mum what happened then, she prayed for me that day just because i took her away risking my life at the dead of the night, only for this lady to come back.

Sincerely, i’m angry.

”Imagine something happened to me that night while coming back, is this how they will both move on? Face with open mouth

The funny part is that she will tell her husband that i’m the one who helped her move. I have to be security conscious.

I’m very angry”
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