Eyimba Street Festival & Awards Season 3


Eyimba Street Festival & Awards Season 3 is here and the interesting part of this year's own is that it's coming with an Award. Yes it is time to appreciate most people putting in their best in entertainment in Abia State.

This festival aim is to provide a friendly and supportive platform for musicians to share in the excitement of making music.

The festival is also an avenue to provide a platform and encourage made in Aba fashion and products.

(ESFA) Festival is organized to showcase the uniqueness, genuity and richness of Africa to the world through music.

To create a cultural event with focus on performing art for young people and also to showcase different talents and culture including those from the region.

Date: 18th & 19th December
Red Carpet: 3Pm
Main event: 4Pm
231 Ehi Road, Aba,

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