Doctor Allegedly Defiles Maid Under His Care, Offers A Million Naira To Close The Case

  Child Right Activist, Peace Advocate, Social Justice Advocate, Harrison Gwamnishu reveals the evil deed of a doctor to his maid.

  A maid under the care of a doctor has been defiled by the said doctor under the pretence of checking her virginity. The case got to the child activist, Harrison, who took up the case.

  Harrison invited the doctor for a conversation and he openly confessed to the crime. Without the doctor's knowledge, their conversation we're recorded. The doctor offered the rape victim a million naira inorder to compensate her and close the case. The money was handed to Harrison to be given to the girl.
  Unknown to the doctor, Harrison took up the case and made it known to higher authorities alongside the evidence which is the money given by the doctor.
Harrison made it known via his social acoounts. And from findings, it was discovered that the said doctor is a serial rapist who has done the act on multiple occasions.

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