Man Confused On How to Break His HIV Status To His 19-year old Girlfriend

   Man in dilemma and confused on how to go about his relationship after knowing his HIV status. The young man is confused on how to break the news to his 19-year-old girlfriend, who he deflowered.

  The man in a chat with his friend, revealed that he is a carrier and never knew about it even before having something to do with his girlfriend intimately. As he is scared to break the news to her following observations made by people around concerning the girl's body, weight. 

  Alot complained of his girlfriend been lean and looking all sick. Inorder to avoid test or other things done, he resorted to buying her proteinous food and things she needed. Though he is scared if the girl is to cheat on him with another, then the virus is spread.

  In his words, he said; "I have HIV&aids the saddest part of it is that I transferred it to my gf and that’s one reason I’m trying to give her anything she wants cos she’s innocent and she doesn’t know yet that she has it though ppl complained about her being lean I was scared they find out so I bought her milk and all sorts of goodies and make sure she eats well if she cheats on me she will be transferring it to another person.

I have reached my last bus stop of womanizing cos I don’t want to spread the wickedness but I cry deep inside cos I have infected an innocent girl that just starts her life 19 years old to be precise.

I didn’t know I was infected until last year after I went for check up because I started seeing the symptoms. I was the one who disvirgin this girl so there is no way she was the that infected me cos I know have being a reckless player all my life.

May God console if I’m gone soon before she realize she too has being infected".

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