Lady Recounts How Her Wedding Was Called Off For Rejecting Water From Her Fiancee

  Nigerian lady, Chidinma Blessing Noblelady took to her social media page to explain how her wedding was called off.

 The entrepreneur recounts how 'rejecting water' ended her relationship with her "soon to be husband". According to her, she escorted her fiancee to his newly built house and was offered a cup of water but she turned it down simply because it was served with an open cup. She added that she was afriad if taking the water because she feared something was added to it due to Nollywood scenes and displays. 

  After the meeting and visit, her fiancee didn't call her nor take her calls. The supposed wedding was cancelled. 

  In her words, she posted.....
"I was talking with my friend yesterday and I remembered how I lost a suitor. Dude is doing so well. We met through his cousin and decided to work things out. 

One day, guy man took me to his newly built duplex in Asaba. He just completed the house and thought to take me there. Immediately we got his house, he hurriedly entered kitchen and offered me a glass of water. I told him that I wasn’t thirsty. He replied that I shouldn’t reject anything he offers me but I insisted that I wasn’t thirsty. The senior sister screamed from her end that it’s a taboo to reject water in their place but I still insisted I wasn’t thirsty. He angrily returned the water and his attitude towards me changed. After we left his house, he stopped calling and if I call, he won’t pick. That was how they cancelled the marriage because I simply didn’t take the water they offered me. 

Lemme make open confession. The reason I turned down the water was because he offered me water in an open glass cup. So many things ran through my mind like what if he added something inside the water. If he had given me bottle water, maybe I wouldn’t have turned it down. Should I blame it on nollywood 🌚

Was I wrong by turning down the water?"
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