Lady Narrates Terrible Experience In The Hands Of Abuja Kidnappers

Lady Narrates horrible experience in the hands of Abuja kidnappers. 

  A young lady was kidnapped on her way back from work. She boarded a public transportation and made sure everything was okay before the vehicle drove up. As her spirit had it, she was in the hands of unknown kidnappers, but she didn't suspect because a guy boarded the same vehicle.

  The story changed when the guy alighted the vehicle at a certain bus stop. According to her, she received beating and a cut on her wrist. Suddenly, a blow on her eyes which knocked her out.

  Immediately she regained consciousness, she requested to speak to her mum. It seemed like the kidnappers were already out of Abuja to Kaduna. Her request was granted, she spoke with her mum who was willing to pay any amount for her daughter's release. Her mum spoke with the kidnappers and a random of a million naira was requested which she agreed to pay. 

  About 40mins later, her mum called back that she was able to raise 400k and bargaining started. The kidnappers called that Alhaji who needed the girl, lied to him that she escaped. The kidnappers made a deal with the girl's mum and the Sum was transferred to the girl's account instead of the kidnappers bank. 

  She was released on arrival to Abuja and given 2k for transportation back to her house.

  In details, "Now I can talk 🥺

So last night June 8 by just 8:02pm I board a vehicle from Peace park junction (Jabi side) to lifecamp junction

Note that I checked all the necessary things that needs to be checked,first the inner light was on,door handles was okay the glass and everything was okay we moved and the other guy that entered with me alighted at airport junction just by the AP filling station immediately he got down they zoomed off before I could turn my head I got beating from left right and center was matchet in my hand,punched directly in my Both eyes 🥺 made me to pass out next I woke up we were in Zuma rock that is the Kaduna road I was so scared 😨 didn't know what to do something just said within me to request to talk to my mum 😫 if I die let her atleast know instead of missing person flyers to go round. This was already 10:24pm so they called her and put the call on speaker 🔊 and say that their daughter want to give them her final word my mum refuse and sat is them she want to talk to that they should tell her how much the Alhaji wants to pay she will pay them 

My mum funny 🤣.

Immediately they said 1,000,000 she agreed to pay them that they should send details but they ask her to send to my account 😨 at this point they started driving back to Abuja we drove round the city no police no check point no nothing just me at the mercy of my kidnappers 

After 40mins my mum called and said she could only raise 400k mind you they've already called the Alhaji as at when we were at Kaduna that I escaped 😫 meaning they need to play along with my mum while she negotiate 🤗 there ask her to make it 500k she said is just that she have

So there had no choice than to drive me round again to go make the withdrawal first stopped at Nicon junction no network then we moved to mabushi where 150k was withdraw another trip again commence around central area for the final part of the money

Finally we went to area 8 where allmy money was removed 🥺 the next was my phone they requested I remove my sim card reward of not fighting with them I used the opportunity to beg for them to take my work phone instead since is also an Android 😊 using my mum skill.

Lucky enough I was given this phone there dropped me off at 2:25am in lifecamp junction 😫 gave me 2k for transport collected my power Bank and charger, wristwatch and gave me PTSD now

Currently at trauma unit in National hospital Abuja 🤢 funny enough the 2k is working for me now 🤣🤣

Nurses and Doctors said God gave me a second life 🙏 

My @tremvh really came through for me walahi 🙏 

My extended family actually started prayer night for my sake"

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