Nigerian lady who Bled To Death After A BBL Surgery in Lagos

  Nigerian lady identified as MIRIAM/CHRISTABEL is dead after an unsuccessful BBL Surgery. She is said to have died due to the bleeding she had after her surgery.

  Story has it that she complained to the surgeon about it, but he neglected her by assuring her that the bleeding will stop, stating that it's normal for she to bleed.

  Her friend made it known through her Twitter account and also called out the surgeon who conducted the surgery on her. According to her own side of the story, she died days ago and noone knew about it untill her friends who were aware of her surgery decided to check on her in the hospital to find out the cause of her delay. But to their surprise, late Miriam was already in the mortuary for some days. The surgeon did not call any of her family members or relatives before depositing her body rather upon arrival of her friends, he handed them a letter stating that Miriam was in the mortuary.

  Some of her friends are suspecting a foul play her as they are making arrangements to conduct autopsy on her and also check if her organs are still intact.

  Here's the picture of her unsuccessful surgery
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