Depressed Lady Commits Suicide After Loosing Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

Lady commits suicide after the death of her 5-year-old daughter.

  Twitter user, Abdvlhafeez shares a disturbing story on Twitter on how a friend of hers took her life because of how depressed she was.

  According to Abdvlhafeez, her friend have been waiting for a child for five years with her husband but was blessed with a daughter afterwards. One thing led to another and her daughter died. He friend was depressed that she could not take it, she saw suicide as an option.

   Before that, Her husband brought her to the family house so she could feel loved and at home but the suicidal thoughts had occupied her mind. She lured her husband away and took her life as she couldn't bear the pain.

"My friend lost her 5 year old daughter(after 5 years of waiting). She and husband moved in to her parent's house just to make her feel better surrounded by her loved ones. She persuaded him to go chill and unwind yesterday. She killed herself before he got back. I'm numb 😭😒😭", she tweeted.
  People felt sorry for her and her husband and sent their condolence to the deceased family. Meanwhile some expressed their view towards the incident.
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