Man Confused As His Girlfriend Gets A Million Naira Gift Including An iPhone 13 From Her Bestie(Male).

Man Confused as his girlfriend recieves gift worth a million naira including iPhone 13 from her male bestie.

    A Twitter user and concerned friend of the guy, Remy, shared the chat he had with his friend and wants to know individual opinion regarding it.
His friend's girlfriend's birthday was yesterday and his friend already got her sneakers worth 30th but was swept off his feet when she got a gift from her male bestfriend which included an iPhone 13 precisely.

  His friend been disturbed decided to share his problem with him seeking advice and even wanting to join 'yahoo gang'. But Remy discouraged him and told him not to involve in any dirty thing all because of a woman that's just a babe, his only concern should be his mother.

  Below is the tweet from Remy and the screenshots of the conversation.
"So yesterday was my guy’s babe’s birthday and her “best friend” gifted her an iPhone 13 and 600k. My guy doesn’t know how to feel about this/ feels “worthless”, he tweeted.
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