Uber Driver Shares Experience He Had With A Stubborn Entitled Customer

  Uber man discloses his experience in the hands of a stubborn customer.

  He got an order for a ride by a lekki resident but was turned off by her attitude. He initially told her politely not to brush her hair in his cab but she felt Entitled stating that she was the one paying for the ride.

  He got pissed by the statement and let her out of his car. He added that he got rides after she left.

  The young promising guy took to his social media handle to disclose the encounter.

"Last night I asked a lekki babe politely to not brush her hair in my car at 12am.

She told me she is paying for the ride and can do whatever she wishes in my car.

The statement triggered Me and despite her friend begging for me to not mind her and continue the ride.

My spirit didn't continue with her as she stubbornly continued brushing the hair.
Hair that you didn't brush in your room, or brush when you get to your destination.

I parked, she came down, slammed my door hard, I didn't react.

I drove off quietly and got good rides after", he posted.
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