I Promised To Keep Myself Till Marriage — Nigerian Comedian And Skit maker, Ashmusy.

I Promised To Keep MySelf till Marriage – Nigerian Comedian And Skit Maker, Ashmusy.

   Social influencer and popular Nigerian skit maker, Amarachi Amusi, known as Ashmusy, has revealed why she kept her virginity intact despite temptations.
    Ashmusy shared photos from her vacation in Ghana on her verified Instagram page. She disclosed how glad she was to have fulfilled a longtime promise of remaining a virgin till marriage.
   However, she sent a hopeful message to her future husband, wishing he was worth the promise.

She wrote: "I promised myself to remain a virgin till marriage 😍 I’m so glad I have kept that promise 😩 dear future hubby, I hope you are worth the wait πŸ₯Ί".

Ashmusy’s declaration has sparked drama online as some believe she was joking with her statement.

One Chidiadi wrote: Nobody wan marry virgin again ohπŸ˜‚. Strength and time no dey to dey teach person how to do.

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