PRESS RELEASE ARTICLE Peperempe by Mayorboi


"Peperempe" is the lead single of Mayorboi's forth coming EP titled "On My Way". Following the release of his debut project "Afroboy From The East of Naija" Mayorboi is set to embark on a new journey and this time around he effortlessly flaunts his flows and lyrics in expressing his musicality as a creative genus. The forth coming EP is produced, mixed and mastered by Signechor Vybez and with guitar performance by the Ghanaian Grammy Award Winning Multi-Instrumentalist; Joshua Moszi. 

Peperempe is a lovely Afropop song delivered in a calm yet groovy manner that gets you nodding according to the enchanting vibes of the song. "Peperempe" is a Yoruba word for a highly beautiful girl with extraordinary qualities, such a beauty that makes Mayorboi to "vision your body".

Mayorboi showers praises full of love and admiration for the said lady whose beauty burst his brain. Expressing joy and happiness which he states she brings into his life "you are my candlelight without you, I no fit see". This is the romantic part of Mayorboi that we enjoyed in his debut project "Afroboy From The East of Naija" released in 2021. As a singer and songwriter Mayorboi continues to improve and prove that he has what it takes to be up the radar of leading Afropop acts.

Mayorboi starts by stating "I don buzz in love, I don high for love" which is a cleaver way of letting his listeners know that the song is truly inspired by his feelings for someone dear to him, he further proceeds to say "you are my oxygen, without you I no fit breath" and "when I count my blessings, I dey count you too". Every single word and line of the song is poetically crafted in form of a serenade "oreke" to the lady whose name isn't disclosed in the song.

As the lead single from the EP "On My Way" which would be released in the first quarter of 2023, Peperempe is set to be released on Friday 2oth January, 2023 and would be available on all digital streaming platforms. It is a song anyone who has ever truly loved someone or be loved by someone will easily relate to and the feel-good rhythm of the beat is a great plus in the song's creation of an atmosphere of romance and love. 

More than just a love song, Peperempe is piece of art full of outstanding beauty and would be joy to every one who listens. It is a king of song that forces you to put it on repeat and from Friday 2oth January, this "Golden Music" would be made available to the world.

Written by:
Membis Godwin Chukwukamma

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