Cha-cha Eke's Brother Vows Not To Interfere In Her Marital Affairs


  Nigerian actress Charity Eke Faani and her marital issue has been trending for weeks on the internet. The actress started the drama when she made her first video that she was done with her marriage and "coming out with her life". 

   It was confirmed by the actress brother, Aik Eke that her sister was really suffering in the hands of her husband, Austin Faani. 

  But a video was made by the actress  later on in a hospital background stating that she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, dismissing the claims in her first video. 

  Aik, the actress brother, surfaced the internet with a statement that her did was with him,and not in any hospital nor has any disorder. 

  Reacting to this, Cha-cha has debunked the statement made by her brother adding that she has not seen him in 2years, insinuating that her brother's claims are not to be trusted. 

  It was so shocking to Aik, who took it to his official IG account to publicly disassociate himself in her marital affairs rather he will join the audience and watch what unfolds. 

"I believe those that said I should fight for my sis will chill now? You can’t save who does not want to be saved. You haven’t seen me for two years Wow! When next drama pops up, I will sit with the audience and enjoy the view, enjoy your bipolar”. 

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