Hilarious: Man Narrates How His Friend's Girlfriend Slapped His Manager

  Twitter User identified as @Sayoiroko in a post made via his Twitter page Narrates a funny incident between the owner of the restaurant who happens to be his friend, the friend's girlfriend and manager. 

  In his post, the friend's babe habitually visits her boyfriend's restaurant, eat and leave without paying. She has made it a routine in her schedule but one day, she received what she never expected. 

  The lady as usual came to the place to eat but this time, she came with companies. She drew the attention of the attendants but her orders were bounced back as she was asked to make deposits before her orders are taken.
With rage, she landed a slap on the manager's face for returning her orders as to say her boyfriend is the CEO of the restaurant.

  The manager who couldn't take such from a lady regardless of who she is to him, locked her up alongside her friends. They were released minutes after the arrival of the shop owner. 

   Here's the post....
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