Lady fumes As She Pays For Her Meal Despite Been On A Date With A Guy

  A lady was made to pay for her food despite been on a date with a guy. She was surprised but she had to sort her bills.

  She had to ask the guy via a WhatsApp conversation why he behaved the way he did. He replied say she would have ordered same thing he ordered and not above what he ordered. According to the conversation, the food she ordered was #16,500, way above what the guy bought for himself.

  She tweeted.....
"Met this guy on twitter, asked me out on a date, I took my order just like he did, but when the bills were brought, he asked me to pay for mine.
I got confused, but I no go allow make one yeye boy shame me. I paid and left, I asked about it this morning and he said this👇👇👇 "

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