Ghanaian man Stabbed To Death By Sidechick

Ghanaian man Stabbed To Death By Sidechick.

   A young Ghanaian man by name Frank was stabbed to death by his sidechick. He boarded a Canadian flight for Accra, Ghana.He planned a vacation with his sidechick identified as Safina Diamond.  He booked a luxury apartment as soon he arrived.

   His vacation didn't go well and did not survive it. As news may have it. He was killed by his Ghanaian girlfriend, Safina.
  He was found dead in the luxury apartment with 30+ stabs.

  Noone knows what transpired or led to the act. But while speaking to the police, Safina claimed it was self defense. But still people find it hard to believe her own side of the story because he was stabbed severally and she didn't report the case/incident herself.
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