Married Man Allegedly Sponsoring Actress Ini Edo's Lifestyle Revealed

Married Man Allegedly Sponsoring Actress Ini Edo's Lifestyle reviewed.

  Instagram blogger/influencer, Cutie_Julss reveals that Actress Ini Edo is flirting with a married man. She revealed the name of the man as Obialor.

  According to Cutie_julss, the actress and Mr Obialor travels together but would snap pictures differently. Also added that the actress birthday was also sponsored by him while stating that his wife enjoys none of those.

"So na Brother Obialor be our sister’s big god.

Hmm during their France trip, I was just laughing. They keep taking separate pics from separate places.

But you see this relationship, I just love how Ini is using Obialor’s mumu button.

I learnt she is trying to get Ifeanyi [the guy I posted when breaking her child birth’s news] an apartment close to Harvest apartments so they will both use it as their comfort home outside home.

Obialor will shower praises on his wife on IG but will take Ini on every trip. Hmmm. Learnt he was the one of the main sponsors of Ini’s birthday party which she had recently.

But he didn’t throw that kind of party for his wife’s birthday o.. hmmm men

Ini, please continue to use him, Nne. You have my vote since he wants to be mumu.

I think his wife is even younger than Ini but his mumu self will spend the money on aunty celebrity instead of giving his wife the money to do BBL also if that’s what attracts him.

Ini, you too, nawa for you o… must there always be a married man on the side? Hian!!

Anyway, no mind my long talk. Na the simple amebo I wan do be sey, we have graciously seen the handsome married man who is Ini’s big god.

Thanks for ur attention.”

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