Man Cries Out As His Wife Turns Him To A Pauper In His House Despite His Investment On Her

Come to onitsha, you will see the factory.
She became so big. I went under financially because I used all my savings to set her up. She started treating me shabbily, refused giving me food, my car went bad, she refused helping to fix the car, she bought cars for herself, built her father and brother houses.

To cut the whole story short, I’m the pauper in the house. I asked her for money to do prostrate checkup and she told me she didn’t have any money and said my mates don’t beg their wives for money. My life is hell.

This is someone I drained my entire account of 45m for. 

It is well.

Singles think this is applicable to them alone.
My car broke down since December, we have been sharing one car (Car I ought for her o) had friends over the weekend so i was with the car most of the time. Overheard madam angrily speaking on the phone with a friend how i ran down fuel, fuel o! In her words i was “squandering".

I have left the car jeje, angrily took out 550k to go fix my car. This is money that can come in handy o! Money we can use to sort Bill but I got tired of the constant insult and embarrassment. 

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