Nollywood Veteran, Kenneth Aguba Reportedly Homeless And Roaming The Streets Of Enugu.

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Aguba seen homeless on the street of Enugu state.


  Nollywood veteran actor, Kenneth Aguba is reportedly seen homeless. The actor was spotted in an open right in front of a container which looks like a shop with his few properties.

  According to a post by a concerned Nigerian, he stated that the actor was poorly paid and atimes, was given food for a role. 

A social media user wrote....

"He has been homeless since.

Nollywood is a mess. I know this man since my childhood, he repairs umbrella for people. When they have a movie shoot , they will come and pick him in the market and use him. After every shooting, they pay him highest N2000.

He use to entertain us whenever he comes to our shop, he is so funny and he tells joke. He use to tell us all his behind the scene experience and he said sometimes, they use to give him only food after acting.”

  Below are the comments from concerned Nigerians following the viral video and photos of the homeless actor...

the_only_ola : How did it get to this point????

joansportbliss : Dem no dey ever help themselves ooh. Only show off. When something happens to him now. U will see emergency love from no where. Mtchewwwwww yet they have a president n excos

p_swagz45 : Some producers and directors go use you and your future join. Them no send you o

frankisaiah85 : Chaiii….is he not a member of the @actorsguildofnigeria and even if he’s not, he has contributed to some of the great Nollywood movies of those days. Let’s help him bikonu. This is unbelievable.

jennifer.anozie.7 : I have even see dis man picking things from dustbin at Okpara avenue Enugu

victoria20152015 : How did this happen? Oh my goodness

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