Business Lady Narrates Her Experience In The Hands Of Traffic Robber/Thieves And Advices Netizens To Keep Their Phones While On Traffic.

Business Lady Narrates Her Experience In The Hands Of Traffic Robber/Thieves And Advices Netizens To Keep Their Phones While On Traffic.

  A Nigerian lady by Twitter handle @Abigail_Israel shares her experience in the hands of traffic thieves. 

  The young entrepreneur left in a Uber to her destination but was caught up in traffic. Decided to have a look over her phone unknown to her that she was been sighted and monitored by a traffic robber. A call came in which she picked her other phone to answer only to get stabbed by the thief and both phones collected.

  She has come out to tell her ordeal and advice citizens to avoid using their devices once on traffic to ensure their safety.

She tweeted,  "I left Lagos Island in an Uber around past 6 or to 7, can’t remember.
I sat in front, my assistant at the back. I was going to surulere

We took carter bridge to avoid Eko brigde traffic and also to avoid stories that touch. 

We got to carter bridge and the whole thing was a standstill. I was using the iPhone and kept my android (main phone)
in the purse. 

I got a call from one of my suppliers on the android. Took it and just dropped the phone to my side

Some minutes later i see a guy by my window. He breaks the window with a knife. Stabs me on the hand and says “give me your phone”

Stabs me again on my leg, says “Give me the second phone”
Handed them over without hassle.

I had no idea what was happening until i realized the dress i was wearing was getting soaked in blood. 

Strangers took of their shirts for me to tie both the hand and the leg.

I spent another 1hr30 mins in traffic
Wriggling in pain because cars in front didn’t care about us shouting “emergency” 

well, there was no way to pass though. If the stabs had hit some places, i wouldn’t have made it.

Got to the hospital, my friends waiting (remembered one of them’s number offhand)
They assisted with blocking all my bank accounts while i was stuck on the road.

Got to the hospital and got sutured in both hand and leg. 

The next day, filed a police report (don’t wanna talk about the drama of that one before we got a good place). Thanks to my baby.
On getting there, I realized i wasn’t the only one who had a report to file about the previous night.

Anyways, they said you should never use your phone or pick calls anymore when you’re stuck in traffic (lol. this is the solution they have for now).
So, for your protection, hide phones and whatever belonging you might have from now on, if you ever get stuff in traffic. That’s what Lagos’ security is about now.

As for me, I’m better. Taking the day as it come. The incident loops in my head but The frequency has been reducing daily.

I’m tired mentally

I have anxiety when i sit in a car now. I was crying profusely on my way from the hospital today(first time since the incident). I also don’t feel like i want my phone lines back

But I’d be fine. This will pass.
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